RA7: Large-Scale Virtual Environments

Vision and Research Strategy

Interactive 3D graphics has become ubiquitous through the availability of high-performance hardware on essentially all computers, including mobile devices. However, the tools to make use of these ubiquitous 3D technologies are immature and target mostly specialists: Exchanging 3D models, particularly with embedded simulations or animations, is still difficult; there is little support for material models exchangeable between applications; realistic lighting computations are too slow; and there are no accepted standards for 3D user navigation and interaction.
Overcoming many of these shortcomings has been the target of this RA and we have made exciting progress in this area. As planned, we focused on creating fundamental technology addressing the challenges of enabling fully interactive, distributed, collaborative, large-scale, and visually rich virtual 3D environments. Specifically, we created an entire ecosystem of technologies around interactive Web-based 3D graphics, novel lighting simulation algorithms, new compiler technology for easily formulating high-level algorithms that beat even hand-optimized implementations across different hardware architectures, and several other technologies.

Research Topics and Achievements

Responsible Investigators and Personal Development


Prizes and Awards