RA6: Information Processing in the Life Sciences

Vision and Research Strategy

Information in the life sciences comes in many forms, including text, 3D images of molecules, movies of molecular motions, and high-dimensional statistical data. Ensuring data quality, and visualizing the data and the results of analysis, are major challenges in the field.

Computational Biology in Saarbrücken has two major research focuses. One is advancing computational methodology in the field. With its strength in computer science, Saarbrücken is a very suitable location for such a focus. The other is to make progress in understanding, diagnosing, prognosing and curing diseases with methods from computational biology. In the excellence cluster, within this general vision, the following topics are pursued with special emphasis: (1) analyzing molecular interaction networks on the basis of heterogeneous molecular screening data, (2) advancing methods for quality assurance for high-throughput screening data and (3) visualization of biological data, structures and processes. 

Research Topics and Achievements

Responsible Investigators and Group Development


Prizes and Awards