RA4: Security, Privacy, and Accountability in Multimodal Information Systems

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Vision and Research Strategy

The vision and research strategy of this research area is described as follows in the proposal: "The dependability of a multimodal computing and communications infrastructure must be commensurate with its increasing importance to society. State-of-the-art security technologies are struggling to keep pace with the variety of possible attacks against highly decentralized systems, and with the trend towards systems with many administrative domains. The capture, storage and mining of personal information aids law enforcement, enables personalized services, education, medical treatment and entertainment. At the same time, it poses a threat to individuals' rights to privacy. State-of-the-art techniques for privacy preservation are unable to balance these concerns. We will address these and other challenges because of their fundamental importance to a multimodal computing and communications infrastructure, and because of their specific importance to our vision." The above description still accurately describes our vision in strategy (but this has been extended in several ways, see below). The quality of the research results, as well as the advancement of young scientists, is excellent. The researchers have participated in a great many collaborations within the cluster; still, there is clearly room for improvement.