RA3: Algorithmic Foundations

Vision and Research Strategy

The following is a quote from the proposal: "The goals of our cluster of excellence can only be reached with smart algorithmics; the data volume and functional demands are growing, real-time requirements are asking for increased efficiency, and reliability of services becomes more and more important. New ranking algorithms, new ways to organize and search massive sets of data, new techniques for handling geometry in its various aspects, and new methods for dealing with graphs and nets are needed. Highest reliability is essential for some parts of the project. The algorithms group with members at UdS and MPI-INF will provide algorithmic foundations along all axes of algorithmic research: the development of new algorithms and data structures, the investigation of algorithm engineering issues and experimental work, and the provision of reliable and efficient implementations. The principal investigators and their groups have an excellent track record along all axes. They also have a proven record of cooperation with application groups in Saarbrücken and outside. Joint publications with researchers from RA1, RA5, and RA6 exist." The above is still a valid description of our vision and strategy. Our performance in terms of both research results and advancement of young scientists is excellent.

Research Areas and Achievements

Responsible Investigators and Group Development


Prizes and Awards