Perception, Display, and Fabrication

Vision and Research Strategy

There has been a tremendous increase in quality and number of new output devices, such as stereo and automultiscopic screens, portable and wearable displays, and 3D printers. Some of them have already entered the mass production and gained a lot of users’ attention, others will follow this trend promptly. Unfortunately, abilities of these emerging technologies outperform capabilities of methods and tools for creating content. Also, the current level of understanding of how these new technologies influence user experience is insufficient to fully exploit their advantages. In our work, we concentrate on developing efficient and robust methods for producing input for these new devices. In our research, we take a special care that the content is reproduced not only in a perfect numerical sense, but also the perceived quality is maximized.

Composition of Group

Our group was founded in October 2014 in the Cluster of Excellence. We are currently looking for motivated students, postdocs and interns who want to work in areas of displays, computational fabrication, and perception.

Research Topics and Achievements

Projects and Collaborations

Dr. Piotr Didyk

Dr. Piotr Didyk

Piotr Didyk heads the Independent Research Group Perception, Display and Fabrication within the Cluster of Excellence.

Fon: +49 681 302 70756