Querying, Indexing, and Discovery in Dynamic Data

Vision and Research Strategy

Our group is primarily focused on frequently-changing Web 2.0 data, in particular streaming data of various kinds. One goal is to devise novel methods for index creation and maintenance against the background of highly dynamic data. Efficient query processing in such a setting is a cross-topic challenge that spans research aspects from information retrieval, knowledge discovery, and data management to distributed systems and peer-to-peer networks.

The research of our group is not solely focused on the traditional concept of data, but also considers user actions — for example, changing subscriptions to event streams — as an additional source of information. Current research directions consider streams obtained from blogs and other kinds of Web 2.0 portals in addition to the more traditional role of streams in network monitoring and in the environmental sciences.

Composition of Group

The research group Querying, Indexing, and Discovery in Dynamic Data was established in August 2009. Aleksandar Stupar joined the lab in January 2010 as a PhD student, jointly supervised and financed in collaboration with Ralf Schenkel's research group. In September 2010, Foteini Alvanaki joined the group as a PhD student. Furthermore, the group also includes two student interns and several master's students.

Research Topics and Achievements

Projects and Collaborations

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Michel

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Michel

Sebastian Michel was part of the Cluster of Excellence MMCI and headed  the research group Querying, Indexing, and Discovery in Dynamic Data since August 2009 until July 2014.