Prof. Dr. Hans Uszkoreit

Hans Uszkoreit is Scientific Director and head of the Language Technology Division at DFKI. His lab has performed research in information extraction, crosslingual IR, question answering, parsing, and machine translation, and it has gained international recognition for research and development in deep linguistic processing.

Uszkoreit initiated the international consortium DELPH-IN for deep linguistic processing, starting with Stanford and Tokyo U., that now comprises 15 research centers. He serves on numerous editorial and advisory boards. He has been on the program committees of many international conferences such as SIGIR, ACL, COLING, RANLP, NLP-KE, LREC, HLT, ANLP and has chaired several of these committees. He co-designed and/or directed the development of systems and resources widely used by the research community. He led several of the most prominent European MT projects such as EuroMatrix, EuroMatrixPlus and QTLauchPad. From 2010–2015 Uszkoreit coordinated the European Network of Excellence for the Multilingual Information Society META-NET with 47 research centers in 31 countries and META, the Multilingual Europe Technology Alliance, with 289 member organizations in 43 countries. Uszkoreit is currently conducting several projects on the semantic analytics of textual data. 



Prof. Dr. Hans Uszkoreit

Prof. Dr. Hans Uszkoreit

Saarland University Computerlinguistics

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