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Torsten Crass and Iris Antes and Rico Basekow and Peer Bork and Christian Buning and Maik Christensen and Holger Claussen and Christian Ebeling and Peter Ernst and Valérie Gailus-Durner and Karl-Heinz Glatting and Rolf Gohla and Frank Gößling and Korbinian Grote and Karsten R. Heidtke and Alexander Herrmann and Sean O'Keeffe and O. Kießlich and Sven Kolibal and Jan O. Korbel and Thomas Lengauer and Ines Liebich and Mark van der Linden and Hannes Luz and Kathrin Meissner and Christian von Mering and Heinz-Theodor Mevissen and Hans-Werner Mewes and Holger Michael and Martin Mokrejs and Tobias Müller and Heike Pospisil and Matthias Rarey and Jens G. Reich and Ralf Schneider and Dietmar Schomburg and Steffen Schulze-Kremer and Knut Schwarzer and Ingolf Sommer and Stephan Springstubbe and Sándor Suhai and Gnanasekaran Thoppae and Martin Vingron and Jens Warfsmann and Thomas Werner and Daniel Wetzler and Edgar Wingender and Ralf Zimmer

The Helmholtz Network for Bioinformatics: an integrative web portal for bioinformatics resources

Published in: Bioinformatics
Year: 2004
Volume: 20
Pages: 268-270