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Mark Everingham and Andrew Zisserman and Christopher K. I. Williams and Luc J. Van Gool and Moray Allan and Christopher M. Bishop and Olivier Chapelle and Navneet Dalal and Thomas Deselaers and Gyuri Dorkó and Stefan Duffner and Jan Eichhorn and Jason D. R. Farquhar and Mario Fritz and Christophe Garcia and Tom Griffiths and Frédéric Jurie and Daniel Keysers and Markus Koskela and Jorma Laaksonen and Diane Larlus and Bastian Leibe and Hongying Meng and Hermann Ney and Bernt Schiele and Cordelia Schmid and Edgar Seemann and John Shawe-Taylor and Amos J. Storkey and Sándor Szedmák and Bill Triggs and Ilkay Ulusoy and Ville Viitaniemi and Jianguo Zhang

The 2005 PASCAL Visual Object Classes Challenge

Published in: MLCW
Year: 2005
Pages: 117-176