The Science Summer (Wissenschaftssommer) 2009

Wissenschaftssommer 2009

Science in Dialogue (Wissenschaft im Dialog, or WiD) is Germany's centre of expertise for science communication. Every year, WiD organizes "The Science Summer" in a different city. It is the major science fair in German research, and presents science for all: exhibitions, workshops, open laboratories, public discussions, a film festival and much more, all with the aim of stimulating intererst in research and the sciences.
The Science Summer 2009 was held in Saarbrücken, and the activities of the cluster as well as its participating institutions were prominently featured in the event. In particular, the new collaboration between Meinard Müller's JRG and the University of Music, Saar, was announced at the event in the presence of Saarland Governor Peter Müller and the Federal Minister of Education and Research, Annette Schavan.

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