Media Project: Business Location Saarland

Mayor Ralf Latz, Director Prof. Hans-Peter Seidel, minister-president Peter Müller and Publisher Christian Kirk (from left to right)

The media project "Business Location Saarland" highlights the economic power and successful transition of the region from an old industrial coal and steel area into a dynamic, future-oriented region of Germany. Special emphasis is given to the potential of newly emerging technologies, and in particular the IT sector: Upwards of 200 taxable IT businesses have been funded during the past decade, and the industry employs approximately 7,000 people nowadays. Several special sections and company profiles explicitly highlight Saarland University, our Cluster of Excellence, MPI-INF, DFKI, and MPI-SWS, and help to keep the interested public as well as high-level decision makers and visitors informed about recent progress in the region.

"Wirtschaftsstandort Saarland" is the German website of the project.