Stefan Fischer


Stefan Fischer

Saarland University
Cluster of Excellence
Multimodal Computing and Interaction

Campus A 2 2, Room 1.25
66123, Saarbrücken

Fon: +49 681 302 3204


  • Jörg Knappen and Stefan Fischer and Hannah Kermes and Elke Teich and Peter Fankhauser The Making of the Royal Society Corpus In: Proceedings of the NoDaLiDa 2017 Workshop on Processing Historical Language, Gothenburg, Sweden, May 22, 2017, 2017
  • Asad B. Sayeed and Stefan Fischer and Vera Demberg Vector-space calculation of semantic surprisal for predicting word pronunciation duration In: Proceedings of the 53rd Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics and the 7th International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing of the Asian Federation of Natural Language Processing, ACL 2015, July 26-31, 2015, Beijing, China, Volume 1: Long Papers, 2015


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