Dr. Martin Hoefer

Martin Hoefer has been head of the research group Dynamic Coordination in Large Networks from October 2012 until November 2016.

Research interests

My research concentrates on the interface between Computer Science, Operations Research and Economics. In particular, I am generally interested in algorithmic and analytic problems involving optimization, distributed computing, and incentives for rational agents in networks.

  • Algorithms
  • Networks
  • Game Theory
  • Combinatorial Optimization



Dr. Martin Hoefer

Dr. Martin Hoefer

Institute for Computer Science
Goethe University Frankfurt

Former address:
Saarland University
Cluster of Excellence MMCI
Campus E1 4, Room 3.11a
66123, Saarbrücken



Max Planck Institute for Informatics, Saarbrücken Saarland University