C. Rossow - System Security

Vision and Research Strategy

Nowadays, computer systems are threatened by many kinds of security risks. Host systems risk to loose their integrity due to software exploitation and computer networks suffer from attacks that threaten their availability. What is worse, a growing underground economy motivates miscreants to expand, stealthen and diversify their attacks.

In our research group System Security, we envision to counter these massive threats. Our strategy involves exploring novel and offensive attack stragies, as well as designing systems to mitigate the current threats. Exploring the attacks helps to form a solid understanding of the motivation and techniques that the attackers use. Then, based on this knowledge, we can design and evaluate cutting-edge defensive systems or mitigation methods to improve the security of systems.

Composition of Group

Our group was founded in June 2014 in the Cluster of Excellence. We are currently still expanding our group and are particularly searching for enthuasiastic and highly-motivated PhD candidates. If you are interested, please contact the group head.

Research Topics and Achievements

Host Security

  •  Malware Analysis and Detection [IEEE S&P '13, DIMVA '12, ACM SAC '13]
  •  Botnets [IEEE S&P '12, EuroSec '14, MALWARE '13, IEEE ICC '14]
  •  System Exploitation [ACM CCS '12, DIMVA '12]
  •  Mobile Security [FC '14]

Network Security

  •  Distributed Denial of Service Attacks [NDSS '14, USENIX '14, EuroSec '14]
  •  Network-based Malware Detection [DIMVA '13, Journal of Comp. Networks, EC2ND '11]
Prof. Dr. Christian Rossow

Prof. Dr. Christian Rossow

Since August 2016, Christian Rossow is a full professor and head of the System Security Group at Saarland University.

Fon: +49 681 302 70797