Molecular Networks in Medical Bioinformatics

Vision and Research Strategy

Biological networks are at the center of life's processes. They perform many complex tasks, from the level of metabolic, regulatory, and signaling pathways of interacting molecules to that of the cell, organ, and the entire organism with its environment. An integrative strategy to gain insight into the sophisticated connections of genotype, phenotype, and environment builds from molecular biology on the smallest scale to medicine on the largest scale, and requires handling diverse experimentally- or computationally-derived data sets. New experimental techniques for genetic, genomic, transcriptomic, metabolic, and proteomic measurements result in large volumes of molecular data, which need to be processed, stored, combined, explored, and interpreted by efficient information systems and algorithms for supporting biological and medical research.

To utilize this avalanche of heterogeneous data in the postgenomic era, this research group concentrates on the development and application of computer methods for the integration, analysis, modeling, prediction, and visualization of biological networks and large datasets. This work also relates to the field of computational systems biology and medicine. It aims at harnessing the power of bioinformatics methods and the availability of large-scale molecular and phenotypic data to advance the understanding of how molecular networks drive biological processes and how network perturbations link to diseases and drug effects. Long-term objectives include integrative network models for complex diseases and the detailed elucidation and dynamic simulation of biological processes.

Composition of Group

The research group Molecular Networks in Medical Bioinformatics was officially established in 2006 and joined the MMCI Cluster of Excellence in June 2008.

Research Areas and Achievements

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Dr. Mario Albrecht

Dr. Mario Albrecht

Mario Albrecht headed the Junior Research Group Molecular Networks in Medical Bioinformatics from June 2008 until Mai 2013.

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