Randomized Algorithms

Vision and Research Strategy


Randomness has been proven to be crucial for developing provably efficient algorithms and protocols, and the study of randomized algorithms has become a major topic in recent years. We investigate the role of randomness in computation through three aspects: First, we develop randomized algorithms for basic problems in computer science, or problems with practical constraints. Secondly, we analyze basic randomized protocols that have been used widely in practice and we aim to provide theoretical foundations for their performance. Thirdly, we study the role of randomness in these algorithms or protocols, e.g. via pseudo-randomness techniques.

Composition of Group

Our group was founded in May 2013 in the Cluster of Excellence. It currently consists of He Sun, and Pavel Kolev.

Projects and Collaborations

Dr. He Sun

Dr. He Sun

He Sun was head of the Independent Research Group "Randomized Algorithms" within the Cluster of Excellence from Mai 2013 untill April 2015.