Efficient Search in Semistructured Data Spaces (Former Research Group)

The Independent Research Group "Efficient Search in Semistructured Data Spaces", headed by Ralf Schenkel, was part of the Cluster of Excellence MMCI from January 2008 until November 2012.

Vision and Research Strategy

An increasing amount of today's data is available in semistructured form: the data provide more structured information than plain text documents, but do not have the regular structure of a traditional, relational database. Important examples for such semistructured information include the following:

  1. texts that have been annotated with semantic markup to denote grammatical structure or named entities,
  2. social networks with complex relationships among people and their data, often including items like images, movies or bookmarks that have been collaboratively tagged, and
  3. graph-structured knowledge networks such as ontologies.

Our research focuses on managing, querying and analyzing large collections of such semistructured data. Our work integrates aspects of data management and information retrieval, requiring both effective retrieval models to find relevant results and efficient data structures and algorithms to quickly retrieve these results.

Composition of Group

The research group Efficient Search in Semistructured Data Spaces was established in December 2007. It currently consists of the group leader, a postdoc (Katja Hose) and four PhD students (Andreas Broschart, Tom Crecelius, Steffen Metzger, Aleksandar Stupar).

Andreas and Aleksandar are fully funded by the Cluster of Excellence (Aleksandar is jointly supervised with Sebastian Michel), Steffen and Katja are funded from the WisNetGrid project (BMBF), and Tom is funded by IMPRS. A fifth PhD student will be funded from the HIIR project (DFG).

Research Topics and Achievements

Projects and Collaborations

Dr. Ralf Schenkel

Dr. Ralf Schenkel

Ralf Schenkel  headed  the Independent Research Group Efficient Search in Semistructured Data Spaces within the Cluster of Excellence from January 2008 till November 2012.

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