Cryptographic Protocols (Former Research Group)

From July 2008 until March 2011, Dominique Unruh was heading the Independent Research Group Cryptographic Protocols.

Composition of Group

The Cryptographic Protocols Group was founded in August 2008 in the Cluster of Excellence. The group works on techniques for designing and verifying cryptographic protocols.

Research Topics and Achievements

Projects and Collaborations

Prof. Dr. Dominique Unruh

Prof. Dr. Dominique Unruh

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Vision and Research Strategy

Designing secure protocols is inherently difficult. The correct use of cryptographic algorithms requires expert knowledge, and the sheer complexity of the systems defies manual analysis; minor mistakes in the analysis can completely destroy all security guarantees. Thus, to get reliable and trustworthy protocols, we need machine-aided techniques that allow us to verify and certify the security of large protocols and applications.

Our research focus is twofold: First, we investigate security definitions that lend themselves to verification. Suitable definitions should, for example, allow for a compositional security analysis to ensure scalability. Second, we work on the verification techniques themselves. In particular, we focus on verification techniques that use as realistic a model as possible, including aspects such as the computational complexity of adversaries and the source code of the protocols.