Prof. Dr. Matthew Crocker

After 10 years at the University of Edinburgh, Canadian-born Matthew W. Crocker came to Saarbrücken in 1999 as a research scientist and was appointed to the newly established Chair of Psycholinguistics shortly thereafter. In his research, he has been concerned with implementing computational models of the procedures people use to grammatically and semantically understand language.

Currently, he is primarily engaged in experimental eye-tracking research to investigate how people’s attention and how the process of understanding language is affected by the surrounding visual environment. What was originally meant as a career episode for him has evolved into a permanent position. He has been "happily stuck in Saarland" for over nine years now and he says that "from a professional point of view, Saarbrücken is a fantastic place to be."

International Post-Graduate Program in Language Technology and Cognitive Systems

Professor Crocker is director of the International Research Training Group in Language Technology and Cognitive Systems, which has been established in cooperation between Saarland University (Departments of Computational Linguistics, Phonetics, and Computer Science) and the University of Edinburgh (School of Informatics) — two leading institutions in the fields of computational linguistics, artificial intelligence and cognitive science that will collaborate in offering a joint postgraduate education program.

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Prof. Dr. Matthew Crocker

Prof. Dr. Matthew Crocker

Saarland University
Psycholinguistics FR 4.7
Dept of Computational Linguistics

Campus C7 1, Room 1.15
66123 Saarbrücken

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