Dr. Alexis Heloir

Alexis Heloir is leading the Junior Research Group Sign Language Synthesis and Interaction.

Short CV

Alexis Heloir obtained in 2004 a Master degree in computer science from University of Lille I (France). He obtained his phd degree from University of Bretagne Sud in 2008 on the subject of analysis-synthesis of plausible human motion applied to French Sign Language. Between 2008 and 2012, he was a researcher at the German Research Center for artificial Intelligence (DFKI) in the EMBOTS junior research group. His current research interests are the control and the animation of embodied conversational agents as well as the generation of intelligible sign language utterances using avatars.

Research interests

Research in this junior research group aims at developing signing avatars that reach high comprehensibility rates and that can be flexibly deployed (web, mobile, 3D displays). This involves the creation of notation systems for nonmanual features and prosodic aspects, the implementation of animation methods that produce natural looking signs and the systematic validation of output quality using comprehensibility tests.


Summer 2009 :   DAAD exchange grant with the University of Davis, CA
September 2007: Best paper at the Gesture Workshop 2007
2004 -- 2007: Phd. Grant from the Council of Brittany


Dr. Alexis Heloir

Dr. Alexis Heloir

Saarland University

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