Anusha Withana

I am a postdoctoral research fellow at Human-Computer Interaction Group, Multimodal Computing and Interaction (MMCI) Cluster of Excellence at Saarland University, Germany. My primary research focus is in creating Blended Interfaces, which, I define as interfaces that are ubiquitous, blend into the environment and leverage on natural affordances of the context. Within the abstraction under this umbrella term, I explore the design factors such as interactivity in personal and shared spaces, modalities and social acceptance, also, technical factors such as re-usability, energy and appropriation.
I did my postgraduate studies at the Graduate School of Media Design, Keio University, Japan and earned my PhD (2014) and Masters (2010) degrees before joining SUTD.
Other than my research, I am an amateure photographer and a movie fan. I also enjoy traveling and experiencing different cultures.


Anusha Withana

Saarland University
Cluster of Excellence
Multimodal Computing and Interaction

Campus E1 7 Room 202
66123, Saarbrücken

Fon: +49 681 302 71086



Computer Science Department, Saarland University Saarland University Cluster of Excellence